Grow Retreat is a new initiative to deliver some of the most outstanding health and wellness experiences for small groups operating within the tranquil Grampians National Park, Western Victoria. The retreat will be housed on our family-run property, Grampians Getaway. This facility allows retreat facilitators, hosts, and cooperates to create a retreat tailored to their visions and desired outcomes.     

Grampians Retreat of Wholeness, health & wellbeing

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My name is Josephina McDonald. I am in the process of building a wellness retreat from scratch. I love people and their stories, yet adore my 15 chooks and 5 Border Collies equally. I am a proud mum, wife and entrepreneur. I live the ups and downs of life, with passion and compassion and coffee! My home is were my heart is, my heart is in the Grampians. 

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