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Josephina McDonald


Born and raised in the Netherlands I grew up in a nurturing and caring environment. Two bachelor degrees got me into a career path of helping young disadvantaged youth into the workforce. But the travel bug struck and before getting too serious I felt the enormous notch to go and travel. I dreamt of meeting a man on a white horse which indeed happened in January 1999. In Oct 1999 I made the leap to the other side of the world, to marry the man of my dreams (literally) and start a new life. Everything what happens in my life happens for me and not to me. Always evolving, always trying to get closer to the truth of who I am. GROW with me in my journey. Exciting times ahead!

“Life is a treasure hunt, the treasure is you!”

“Life is a treasure hunt, the treasure is you!”

in how we can get back to our true self, restore and flourish to our fullest potential. After all the body is magic, it is supposed to self heal.

But with modern day interference, we have been so far removed from who we are deep within. Our systems “fall apart” and we are unable to vibrate a the frequency of our true self, which happens to be the same frequency as the vibration of nature.

I am very keen to assist others offering retreats allowing those who attend to start experiencing moments of getting back to self, feeling whole. With my education, current studies, the ones to come, passion and the eagerness to discover, explore, learn and constantly evolve, I myself am on a path of understanding this fascinating topic so I can share my knowledge and experience with others.

Our business success and love for life have greatly to do with making decisions based on intuition and passion from deep within. I am keen to mentor those who come on my path on becoming whole again, so they can start thriving in all aspects of life. 


Nature plusNourish is Flourish!


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